With Ethereum up 17.5% in the last week to a price of around $450, our mining farms are making more money than ever before.

And the awesome thing is, as price of Ethereum goes higher — so do our margins (read as dividends that go to our loyal reapers)!

As ETH 2.0 news continues to fuel price growth and larger institutions begin to start buying Ethereum (and not just Bitcoin), those exposed to the infrastructure that makes Ethereum possible will be greatly rewarded.

And we said that the vaults are coming sometime in November…

And with the middle of the month sometime next week — who knows what’ll happen next week?

Reapers that continue to lay low, stack $PYLON, and LP will soon be rewarded EVEN more.

With every passing day, the PYLON team continues to build rapidly towards our goal and timeline of getting this farm online and distributing rewards to our token holders in the few weeks to come.

Ethereum’s continued rise upwards into a daily range above $410 has everyone excited, including us.

With Ethereum up over 10% in the last week, the timing couldn’t have been any better.

As institutional buying ramps up with several million-dollar purchases of Bitcoin in the last few weeks, the optimism has seemed to have brought up prices for Ethereum as well.

Ethereum currently is outperforming Bitcoin…

Degen nonbelievers,

Why doubt Tassadar?

We said we would bring those who believe in the Golden Armada, and we’re working hard on delivering that every day.

Farms were under construction long before $PYLON was even a reality — so while all you see is progress at warp speed, it’s Tassadar’s…

Pylon Finance 2.0

Our old medium got rekt so here we are again.

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