Double your earning potential with LPing $PYLON


$PYLON is all about passive and growing income for its loyal token holders. But did you know you could stake your $PYLON and earn LP fees that stack on top of dividends?

If it's your first time here, essentially $PYLON will utilize the “vault” concept made popular by defi projects like YFI.

$PYLON too will use the vault strategy, but instead of charging a deposit or performance fee to incentivize governance, collected fees are used to fund GPU mining farms that will go online next month and start distributing dividends.

But wait, there’s more

Staking your $PYLON in a pool like Uniswap will allow you to earn additional fees from users that are trading $PYLON.

Since you own tokens that will allow you to remove liquidity at any given time, your dividends will be waiting for you if you choose to exit liquidity.

(Or you could keep it, allow it to grow, and watch as your portfolio balloons in size over time)

Reapers Thank You For Your Service

Other benefits of providing liquidity include:

  • Reducing price impacts of purchases, allowing $PYLON price to be more stable
  • Improves $PYLON ecosystem by increasing the supply of tokens available for purchase to newcomers.
  • Reduces impact of price swings to your portfolio, fees generated help make up for volatility.



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