Overview Of All Available Farming Opportunities 9/24

  • Overlord (Solarite/yCRV) with 321,228% APY
  • Devourer (KASSIAHOME/yCRV) with 162,903 APY
  • Evolved Mutalisk (KASSIAHOTEL/YCRV) with ~74,000 APY
  • Sentry (Solarite) at 14k APY
  • Void Ray (UNI LP) at 8.1K APY
  • Observer — 9891% APY
  • Siege Tank at 3830% APY
  • Battle Cruiser at 2786% APY (pyloneth)
  • Reaper (solarite) at 4337% APY
  • Zombie Graveyard (zombie) at 4.2k APY
  • Twilight Council (UNI_LP) at 2.9K APY
  • Solarite Pylon (Solarite_Pylon UNI LP) at ~1400 APY
  1. You are very early to the farm so you would receive a majority of the rewards assigned to that pool (so just deceptive math)
  2. Coingecko API”s aren’t properly updating prices


$PYLON and the Golden Armada ecosystem is all about decentralizing business models that:

  • produce consistent cashflow (nondirectional and autonomous profit)
  • Easily scalable
  • Are in established industries for decades to come



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Pylon Finance 2.0

Pylon Finance 2.0

Our old medium got rekt so here we are again.