$PYLON Is The Only DeFi Project Of It’s Kind.

  • Code — inflation mechanisms and token distribution. Literally, money is being printed (tokenomics, yield farming)
  • Leverage — people offer up money as capital, and other people can borrow to use for long/shorts, or whatever else. Interest is made.
  • Liquidity — DEX’s like Uniswap rely on user funds to ensure low price impact and swap fees for all users. In return, people being an LP get a share of the funds.
  • Insurance — Options or companies like Nexus Mutual rely on users putting up funds as collateral, that will be used in case of an accident or policyholder loss of funds.

How is $PYLON Different?

PYLON starts out by leveraging people's liquidity — sure. But INSTEAD of just keeping it among users and redistributing through governance, it uses fees to BUILD another income source entirely.

Buy Into The Unforkable

Right now, there’s zero incentive in defi to be unique or solve something novel. Someone younger, smarter, or faster will just fork your code off of Github, make a few tweaks, and make way more money than you.



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Pylon Finance 2.0

Pylon Finance 2.0

Our old medium got rekt so here we are again.