$PYLON Mine — Soon.

Pylon Finance 2.0
2 min readOct 9, 2020


Degen nonbelievers,

Why doubt Tassadar?

We said we would bring those who believe in the Golden Armada, and we’re working hard on delivering that every day.

Farms were under construction long before $PYLON was even a reality — so while all you see is progress at warp speed, it’s Tassadar’s infinite wisdom and strategic wisdom that’s really at work.

And we actually even had proof of running mines — which we’ve transparently shown before. As one of the largest miners globally, we have special skills that allow us to efficiently deploy farms and profit with them at scale.

Sure — someone could fork our code and try to make a clone of us.

But our real-world infrastructure, skills, etc.?

You must be on Vespene.

We’ve been posting periodic updates from the early stages, and now we’re almost ready to start deploying and giving dividends to our loyal pyloneers.

If you missed the tweet yesterday — you guys should be expecting truly passive income from mining starting next month. As in November.

A mere few weeks since $PYLON was even an idea that you Terrans were even aware of.

Other Developments

While we’ve made massive progress on the mines, we of course have been working just as hard on networking and benefiting our partners as well.

This includes incorporating ways to help our fellow projects benefit from our hard work — like deploying Yakuza alongside our $PYLON mine.

Honestly, I don’t care what you do.

You could buy cheap $PYLON right now and be patient as dividends start to roll out.

You could wait now, see cashflow is actually flowing, and then buy $PYLON. Probably at a much higher price, but it’s your money.

I know what I’m doing, and I know what the pyloneers will be doing too.

Laughing our way to an $ATLAS hotel, which we’ll pay for with the dividends from $PYLON.

See you on the other side — or not.



Pylon Finance 2.0

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